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What are the main features of such a strategy


Let us have a look at an example:

  • the scammer offers to double the bettor’s account in 7 days with a starting bank of 10 thousand $;
  • the payment for the services amounts to only 2 thousand $, half of which the person demands in advance, throwing tons of screenshots of his own successes;
  • then everything is simple: either the scammer succeeds in raising the money if he is interested in it, or he just bets at random and loses the bank within a short period of time.

The scheme is very simple and the only catch here is the thousand he gets for his services. In any case, the swindler will not lose anything; on the contrary, he will increase his capital by 1,000 $. The client who entrusted his account to the BC will lose 11 thousand $, which is quite a lot.

It is very good that most of the newbies are simply afraid of losing their personal account. It can also happen, but it is quite rare. Not every bookmaker company will allow you to transfer money to another account either. So if they offer to pay in advance for anything, you have to refuse and not give the scammers a chance to make money.

Promoting a bookmaker account with a proven capper

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Let’s also talk about account promotion by experienced professionals. In very rare cases, on forums or blogs, you can just meet a pro who really bets and earns money on it. Only in this case you can trust the person to do a little work on another account. Although, if the account the pro has on the same office where the client’s profile was created, it is likely that he will refuse.

So use the following tips from the experts

  • Remember – always use your head! All scammers know how to talk nicely and gain your trust. However, there are also a lot of materials that describe their actions precisely and it is not fiction for the sake of the high rating, but real information, time-tested.
  • Only take deliberate actions. Think logically – can you give your safe deposit box code, your flat key, your password card number to third parties or not? The answer is obvious and the same applies to a personal account at the BC. Let there be nothing there, but if you forget to change the password after you have finished cooperating with the scammer, he will take advantage of it.
  • Weigh the pros and cons. Don’t even think about it: nobody should give the account to anybody and no one should buy the forecasts either. Especially, you should never give anyone an advance on anything. Not everyone should get paid even after winning forecasts, but at least it will be something to back it up. You give an advance, you’re screwed.

Even if a fraudster tries to get hold of your personal details and account, every bettor hopes to get help from the bookmaker. What can the bookmaker do in this case? Block the account completely or ask for identification. But it is important to understand that there will be no trust in such a client and it is very possible that the limits will be cut and other restrictions may occur. The truth is that it almost always ends with the usual blocking of the account with the possibility of withdrawing a certain amount of money. You should not hope for anything else.


The following article will present a few more variants of cheating bettors by fraudsters. There are a lot of such attempts almost every day, so we urge you to be very careful and concentrate. You should never trust your account to scammers, no matter how much they offer and how little it costs. It is better to work with your mind, using proven strategies and your own experience. This is the only way to achieve excellent results for absolutely everyone.

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