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As an introduction, let’s try to find out – is there really cheating in sports betting?

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Sometimes bookmakers simply do not pay out the due winnings on the grounds that the player has broken some rule, perhaps recently added. But these are scammers and it is not worth registering with such betting companies. A similar condition for casinos and other gambling platforms.

As for people who want to cash in on gullible bettors, there are a huge number of them now. Many of them advertise their services all the time and this marketing campaign is strangely successful. Why, you may ask? The thing is that the scammers use graphics editors to make the right betting slips, change the odds and the total amount of winnings is enormous. You have to believe them willy-nilly, because sometimes images with losses are displayed additionally.

So the reasonable question is – can’t we bet after the professional bookies, give our account to the promoters and trust the insiders who offer match-fixing games? The answer to all of these questions is unequivocal and unchangeable in all situations – NO. We advise you to pay attention to the different strategies that are presented on our website. A sober, intelligent and correct approach to betting will produce a great result.

Only mathematics and statistics make it possible to succeed. This is our opinion, and it is also supported by almost all professionals. Betting on luck is another deception, but only of yourself. This popular and most common phenomenon is found even in the careers of professionals. Bettors with experience may simply get tired of analysis and try to rip a bigger one by betting purely on luck. It is only important not to succumb to such temptation and stop in time.

Selling “bargains”


Let’s start by taking a look at a common scheme that occurs very often nowadays: the sale of “match-fixing” games. It is very common to see serious offers from “professionals” on the Internet that claim to have information on how to “cheat” a game. Such information and lucrative offers are created on the basis of such indicators:

Reliable information regarding investigations or penalties already imposed for match-fixing. Isn’t that a reason to “cheat”? If you get caught once, there may be other cases, which is what novice bettors believe the most.

A common hoax

A few years ago only the laziest would not believe in the abundance of “fixing” in Italian football. Especially Serie B and Serie C suffered from such a reputation, and then Serie A also got involved. Of course, there were many confirmed facts, but now the situation has changed considerably. Although the scammers try to remember all the scandals and link everything to huge odds, “pimping” the options to make money.

Unconfirmed information

The scammer just wants a match to be fixed and that’s it. There’s no other explanation, and there’s no need for it if a person tells you everything with confidence, provides a guarantee and is confident of a winning outcome.

You can believe in any infomercial, because occasionally you can still see matches that look like a fix-up. But about 95% of them are pure scams. The remaining 5% is left for many other situations.

Especially crowded now with similar proposals on social networks. Hardly anyone has not met a mega successful trader, who is photographed with wads of money in front of cool cars and resorts. But there are such people in almost all spheres: learned the basics of arbitrage traffic – the salary of $20 000 per month, became a marketing specialist thanks to super courses, you can also work for only 2 hours and earn millions. All such offers should be perceived by everyone negatively and without interest. This is the only way to avoid falling for scammers.

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