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You may also want to consider these options to get the freebet

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Rarely do betting companies require identification of the account immediately after registration. The process is often delayed and not every client wants to give out personal details. The solution to this frustration is very simple – get a verification bonus. Practice shows that this condition makes the process much more pleasant and only in rare cases is it rejected.

Taking part in loyalty programmes

These are only available in large betting companies, but their terms and conditions are usually quite generous. You will need to share the bookmaker’s promotional material on social media or complete other tasks, for which bonuses in cash and in the form of freebies are provided.


The more bets a company’s customer places, the higher the brand value. The amounts of wins/losses are also taken into account.


When the account has been registered for more than 1-3 years and there has not been a long “downtime”, then the client can be considered loyal to the BK. Some companies only offer freebets, while most of the bigger ones give special awards, depending on the time spent with the company.

Promo code

A unique combination as well as a freebet are considered to be some of the most lucrative incentives from betting companies. You can find the promo code on the official website of the betting company, as well as on partner resources and third-party websites, in blogs, social networks and even in regular newspapers. Interestingly, no betting company restricts the number of combinations you can enter. In simple terms, the more promo codes a bettor can find, the better his chances of making a handsome profit.

It is also worth noting that freebies are often given out as part of the bookmaker’s promotions and giveaways. Very often, the betting company gives out incentives on major holidays or to coincide with the start of major sporting tournaments.

To see announcements of promotions or other important news, you should subscribe to the updates of the company in which your account is registered. Often, such information is also available on aggregator sites, which collect information about gifts at different betting shops. There is also a lot of important data in the personal cabinet or in the “Promotions” section.

Important nuances


Many bookmakers try to hide the traps for newcomers beautifully by providing them in a prettier wrapper. If the office is dishonest and trying to cheat bettors, then even a $100 freebet will be extremely difficult to get. Or the other way round, it can be very easy to get a freebet, but with no possibility of withdrawal.

The most common pitfalls of getting freebies are

Too complicated conditions

A newbie does not initially understand that “wagering your rebate 10 times” does not mean simply placing 10 bets at a given odds. If it’s $1,000, you have to wager $10,000 and then the bonus counts. All the more reason for beginners to make a lot of mistakes. If the office is unreliable, even the simplest terms can end up a hard road to nowhere. Even when winning, the client will be pointed to a certain clause in the rules, which may have been invented after a few big wins by bettors.

Exorbitant wagering requirements

In this case, the company simply sets the rules in such a way that even the pros can’t meet them. “Bet on odds of 3.2”, “Make predictions only on expresses consisting of 5 or more events”, “Wager the entire amount of the gift only on Darts” – these requirements are considered very difficult and even unrealistic.

Short deadlines for fulfilling the conditions

Proven companies usually give 7-14 days to wagering for small gifts. Larger ones give 30 days or more. There are also bonuses that need to be wagered in 24 hours, but the requirements for this are also quite simple.

In a separate order, you can highlight the unfair actions of the betting company in relation to the clients. The betting company changes the rules, “cuts” the limits, blocks the account for an indefinite period of time, which does not allow the bettor to earn the bonus. A very interesting scheme is considered to be the participation of a gambler in a bonus programme until he wins. That is, until the gift is wagered, no other options are available to him.


It is important to always read the terms and conditions of the betting company carefully and very carefully, so as not to fall for fraudsters and not to tie your life to a poor-quality betting company. Prizes can be very generous and there are plenty of them too, but if the requirements are strict then there is absolutely no point in them. A freebet is a great gift, but only if provided by a trusted and reliable betting company. The offer is good enough for beginners and professional bettors.

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